Personal Protective Equipment

KN95 Mask

Consideration can be made to use N95 respirators beyond the manufacturer-designated shelf life for care of patients with COVID-19, tuberculosis, measles, and varicella. However, respirators beyond the manufacturer-designated shelf life may not perform to the requirements for which they were certified. 

3 ply Masks

face masks are made of an outer layer of non woven fabric, a middle layer made of a filter fabric, and an inner layer made of a soft, skin gentle facial tissue. Fluid resistant, unlike cloth masks, to provide protection against large droplets or sprays of bodily fluids.

Medical Gowns

Levels1 and Level 2 Available

Our premium-quality disposable gowns (polypropylene) are used by hospitals, medical facilities, engineering, medicinal uses, etc. Generously sized for full coverage and helps keep chemicals and viruses off clothes and away from skin. Practical and stylish.

DM-30 Level 2

DM-35 Level 1

Nitrile Surgical Gloves

Industrial black nitrile glove is a powder-free disposable glove. Nitrile provides better elasticity than vinyl better puncture resistance than latex or vinyl better abrasion resistance than chloroprene and reduces the likelihood of an allergic reaction. This powder-free glove leaves no residue reducing the risk of contamination compared to a powdered glove and is ambidextrous.  – Nitrile Glove.- LATEX FREE Finger Tip. No Powder Lubricant Added.- Heavy Duty. Suitable for gardening auto or cleaning applications.- Extraordinary strength and puncture resistance while maintaining tactile sensitivity.- 100 pieces/box. 

Color: Black

Material: Nitrile Gloves

Quantity: Box of 100

Size: Medium / Large / X-Large

Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable

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